Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mad about vintage!

Create your own "Mad Men Style"
with 1960's Vintage Sewing Patterns

Channel your inner Betty Draper, Peggy Olson or Joan Holloway with vintage sewing patterns available for sale at The Way We Wear.

With patterns from casual day wear to office attire you too can reinvent that 60's style in time for your Mad Men premier party.
Over 50 vintage sewing patterns available now at The Way We Wear.

Add a few vintage jewelery, accessories and new shoes found at your local antique store or from Etsy sellers who specialize in vintage. Etsy is running a new stork article today featuring Etsy shops with fabulous vintage finds from the 1960's. Or look around your favorite department store, chances are you'll find new "vintage inspired" items that will fit your look. Many designers have embraced the old and made it new again with their vintage inspired collections. Whatever your favorite vintage style–you're sure to find it old or new.

Check out these fabulous vintage patterns available now at

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